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Welcome to the
Aigent Club
A limited NFT Collection where the token itself doubles as
your membership


FOR WEB 3.0 ?

Let's move forward together with the latest innovation of an e-Voucher platform.
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We are A-mobile based e-voucher application, designed as an innovative sales tool for hotels and a more flexible booking experience for travellers. Provides hotels the ability to generate instant revenue now, or in periods of low demand. Opens a new revenue stream, enabling innovative business opportunities in a changing global market.


Submit your hotel application and prepare for a huge sale! With the Aigent app, you can boost-up your hotel revenue. Hotel room for sales via E-Voucher Platform, and it's completely FREE today. START NOW!
increase liquidtity cash flow.
Automatically operating system like OTA.
Zero comisstion with out marching fee.
DIY create e voucher price with flexible plan.
One Condition
for partner
Provide 50% discount (Max3,000 baht) per voucher
on the instant selling rate for Aigent Member Club
at least 5 Vouchers /month only.

( The maximum vouchers of sell is limited by hotel )

Note : Guest's booking & stay is according to hotel's conditions.
We can help partner make early income via eVoucher Platform
Team Purchase
Boost your revenue with multi order in one time.
Book Later
Make a flexible booking for traveller when they need to go.
Choose your available
Traveller can book on your available. Also they can completed self check-in byself.
Enjoy your trip
Ready to go Aigent boarding pass.


With Aigent platform today. No commission fee & No merchant fee